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tagged by :iconjcpilipinas:^^

1.) you must post the rules
2.) you must post 10 things about yourself
3.) you must answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and make 10 new questions for your tagged people
4.) you choose 10 people to tag AND post their icons in your journal so all the world will know who they are
5.) you have to go to their pages and tell them you tagged them
6.) no tag backs
7.) no "if your reading this your tagged" crap
10 Things about me:
1. I like mangoes~
2. I'm a girl (?)
3. I have wavy hair since birth~
4. I don't like mean people >.<
5. ((she's sensitive.)) I am not, admin QAQ
6. I'm not the Maria Clara in Noli Me Tangere that you want me to be....I can't..((wow, that was so deep //slapped))
7. I like karaoke~
8. <3 siesta!
9. I love animals~
10. I like USUK, hehe~
Luzon's & CJ's questions~:
1. Favorite food?
2. What should you be doing right now instead of answering this meme?
~Nothing, just look at admin's sketches of Luzon Visayas and Mindanao~((STOP STARING :I))
3. If the world does end on Dec 21, would you spend the last of your days?
~I-I- I don't know how to answer that!! ;A; ((If you'd ask me, I would spend my last days hugging the computer saying goodbye to the world and say ', I just said i dont wanna live in this world and so it's seriously gonna end? wow just wow' Okay I'll shut up now, Maria entertain me)) Whaaaat?!
4. Pick-up line me?
~Stuff toy ka ba?
((bakit?XD LOL obviously you would say that //shot))
Kasi, ang sarap mo yakapin eh~
5. What is the strangest thing you've ever done?
~Uhm...Uh....admin help!! ((I have one...writing scary words in my desk at school e_e))
6. What's better, Magekyou Sharingan or Lelouch's Geass? Defend your answer.
Lelouch's Geass~~! I don't know how to defend that....
7. What Hetalia crack pairing do you like most and why?
~((YOU WANT CRACK?! XD okay then, JapanXBelarus!!!!! problem? trololololol....I like it because of :iconrupyon:!! XD))
Wasn't I suppose to answer this..? ((SHADDUP, IM TRYNG TO DEFEND THAT PAIRING))
8. Would you watch the Oblation Run with me? *search google if you don't know*
9. I'd offer you a million dollars to run with APO in the Oblation Run...would you do it?
~Yes po!!
10. What's your favorite moment of your country's history and why?
uh...okay then...((BAKIT ANO GUSTO MO?! WHEN JAPAN COLONIZED PHILIPPINES?! XD)) No...QAQ ((hey :I I'm from Japan meanie!! >3< )) waah!! Sorry po, admin, I hated that moment but me and Hapon are in good terms!! plus your already in the philippines and aren't you planning to change your citizenship to filipino?? ((well that's good~~hihihi!! And yes I am but I'm not sure not sure though >w<))

You're reading this, right? Okay now you are tagged~^^


Ask--Piri-tan's Profile Picture
Maria Maricel Santos
Maria Maricel or could be called as Maricel is the representative of the Philippines.
She is a very polite, nice girl to her fellow nations. Although she could be a little stubborn sometimes, and tsundere sometimes.
She acts very mature and she really loves mangoes and other kinds of fruits.
Her hobby is karaoke,watching drama,eating,cooking and other kinds of indoor/outdoor activities.

But do not make her mad, she is very creepy when she's mad.
She has a bad habbit of biting her nails and tapping on the table when she can't wait no longer.

China/Wang Yao-
China was one of maricel's earliest friends and traded with him a long time ago. China also taught Maricel chinese things.
Spain/Antonio Carriedo-
Spain raised maricel for a really long time. Spain also influenzed Maricel to be catholic. Maricel often calls Spain 'Papa'. maricel is very affectionate to him.
America/Alfred F. Jones-
Maricel really loved Alfred's culture. She even idolized him. Alfred taught her his ways and influenzed her with a lot of things.
When it lead to World war II when Japan had invaded maricel, Alfred was forced to leave her but promised that he would return.
In these days, Alfred and Maricel are very close to each other.
Maricel also has a small crush on Alfred~
Japan/Kiku Honda-
Japan has colonized the Philippines at World War II.
Maricel was deeply afraid and angry at the same time at Kiku but then at these times they are kind of close now.
They are both otaku's too!~
Australia helped Maricel at World War II. ((okay i'm sorry i have another thing to say but I'm not sure if it's correct so to avoid a fight i'll just shut up))
England/Arthur Kirkland-
England has colonized Philippines for only a short time but their in good terms.

Maria Maricel belongs to :iconjcotakudesu:
she is also the one running this account and btw guys I'm so sorry for deactivating the other ask piri-tan account...was just too busy that then.
Ask's will be answered every wednesday night, thursday, saturday night and sunday. or everytime there's a holiday or whatever))

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melondramatics Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012
Sup Piri! *le waves* How are things between you and Mexico~? |D
BlizzardCaster Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright, another question to toss at you!

"What is your favorite Pinoy dish, if that's the case?"
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Good evening!

As being one of your citizens, it has to be done that I shall bestow a deviantWATCH on you.

Now, here's a question... "What's your opinion on England's scones?
JCpilipinas Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Student General Artist
Hey're tagged.
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H-Hello Piri.... w-what do you think of m-my brother is h-he annoying to y-you? ^^
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Well, hello ate~!!

Would you like some dried mangoes?:icondeyedplz:
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